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Tachograph Analysis Software

Compliance with drivers’ hours rules and tachograph regulations has never been easier.

Smartanalysis is the industry-leading digital and analogue tachograph analysis software for road transport compliance.

It is used by many of the UK’s leading road transport operators to safeguard compliance with drivers’ hours, working time legislation and tachograph regulations.

Smartanalysis tachograph analysis software eliminates the burden of managing and controlling the process for safeguarding your compliance, leaving you with more time to focus on your business.

3 steps to managing compliance

Download your tachograph data

As a transport operator you are legally required to periodically check tachograph records and have an adequate record keeping system in place. In the UK, driver card data must be downloaded at least every 28 days and vehicle unit data at least every 56 days. Driver data must be retained for at least a year and working time records must be kept for at least two years. In reality many operators download drivers’ tachograph data on a daily basis and vehicle tachograph data every week. With Smartanalysis your analogue and digital tachograph data is safe and always available.

Tachograph analysis and reporting

Paper charts, driver cards and vehicle unit downloads produce masses of tachograph data which is very difficult to interpret and use. SmartAnalysis does the hard work for you in analysing and reporting from analogue and digital tachographs. SmartAnalysis has over 100 standard reports on drivers’ hours, etc. and your reports can be sent straight to your email.

Management of non-compliance and infringements

Proactively managing your drivers and transport operation, Smartanalysis tools can show you are taking all reasonable steps to prevent infringements and breaches of complicated tachograph regulations.

Key facts about SmartAnalysis

It is one of the most widely used tachograph analysis software products in the UK and EU, used to analyse over 1,300,000 tachograph records every month.

It is deployed in over 12,000 locations throughout the UK and Europe by over 20,000 registered users.

6 out of the top 10 road transport companies by turnover (FY 2010) use Smartanalysis.

It is suitable for all HGV and PCV fleets – large and small.

It provides seamless analysis of both analogue and digital tachograph data.

It is cost effective -you only pay for the driver data you submit, no charge for VU downloads.

Your tachograph data is secure yet accessible any time, any place by authorised members of your staff.

Over 100 standard reports are available online or emailed to you.

Smartanalysis includes powerful tools to manage your drivers’ hours infringements down.

It is fully supported and will ensure your compliance now and in the future by accommodating changes in legislation and tachograph hardware.

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