How can we help?

The Challenge

We recognise that tachograph analysis is a time consuming business but a crucial part of the transport industryDrivers Hours Law and Working Time Directive can be challenging no matter what size your fleet of vehicles. The penalties for non-compliance are tough and rigorously enforced.

The Solution

At Wirral Tachograph we can tailor a web based system to meet you companies requirements. We can give different users different access rights from Depot Manager, to National Transport Director or International Transport Director level. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to guide you away from any pitfalls you may encounter.

Simpler by miles…

We Can Help

Let us take the headache out of your tachograph analysis.

We can work with you to identify areas of your tachograph analysis that at the moment may not meet the standard required by VOSA. Our guidance and training can make a valuable contribution to your business. With some 20 plus management reports which can be exported into the popular formats such as: Excel, CSV’s, Adobe PDF all available on demand via our system, there are no hidden charges for extra reports you pay one fixed amount for each driver daily record which includes your vehicle downloads.

The Process

• Telephone one of our team to discuss your requirements

• We will help you decide what type of analysis best suits your business, either single depot or multi-depots under one company umbrella, whether your business is based in the UK or anywhere else in the world

• We will then support your management team throughout the whole set–up and analysis process

How will this Benefit your Business?

• A cost effective business solution in terms of time and money

• Bring an understanding of Drivers Hours to your business

• Quality tachograph analysis from a reliable and respected source

• Helping you comply with regulations to protect your operator’s licence

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