Changes to SmartAnalysis

Effective 5th May 2020

Main Changes to SmartAnalysis from 5th May

From the 5th May 2020 there are changes coming to SmartAnalysis. This email highlighs all the main changes that are being implemented.

Login Page

Before you login to SmartAnalysis you will be presented with the new login page. Login using your SmartAnalysis username and password. Although the login page looks different, the login process has not changed.

Landing Page

Following successful login to SmartAnalysis you will arrive on the Landing Page. The Landing Page will tell you What’s New.
The important changes are identified below:

SmartAnalysis Landing Page

Note the following visual changes:

  • New colour scheme – The orange and grey title bar and menu options are replaced with the new blue and white across the entire feature set.
  • New branding and logo – The SmartAnalysis branding and logo have been updated.
  • Service Provider logo – the Service provider logo is presented at all times on the title bar.
  • The Main Navigation Menu has moved and is now vertical down the left-hand side.
  • The What’s New has been updated to give you an overview of what has changed and guide you through the changes.

Main Navigation Menu

The main navigation menu options have been moved to a vertical bar on the left-hand side. All previously available menu options are still available although they may not be in the same place.

The key changes are listed in the sections below:


The Reports menu option has been changed to Reporting. The menu options within Reporting have been rationalised and include those options that are relevant to compliance reporting.

  • All Reports – formerly View Reports and presents the full list of reports, enabling the user to select a report and enter a search criteria.
  • Favourites – formerly Search Reports. Allows you to search for a report and add it to your list of favourite reports. Once the report has been added to your Favourites then next time you select Favourites you will see only your subset of Favourite reports. This provides a quick and easy way to focus into your most frequently used reports.
  • Subscriptions – formerly My Subscriptions. Enables you to add event-based or time-based subscriptions.

Tachograph Record Search has been moved and is now available under the Tachograph menu option.


The Calendar menu option has been renamed to Calendars.

Selection of the Calendars option brings you straight to the Driver Depot View, as that is typically where most users want to go. You can navigate to the alternative Calendar views by selecting any of the links highlighted in Red in the image below:

Smart Analysis Calendar Screen


The Digital Tachograph module has been renamed to Tachograph.
The existing menu options are all available under this new Tachograph module

Search Tachograph Records has been moved to the Tachograph module from the Reports menu.

SmartAnalysis Tachograph Menu


Find out more information regading SmartAnalysis from Wirral Tachograph.